Formed in 2012, Cool Company is a Brooklyn based Pop/R&B/Hip­Hop writer/producer duo composed of vocalist Yannick Hughes (aka Cool Yan) and producer Matt Fishman (aka Fat Matt).

With influences that range from Stevie Wonder to Outkast, they are known for their rhythmic, infectious grooves and Cool Yan’s versatile and expressive voice

Originally meeting in the high school choir back in '06, they would rekindle their musical relationship in 2012 in what would become the birth of Cool Company. What began as an informal collaboration between the two quickly became real after they listened through their first pass of "Blown Away" (later released on the self­titled "Cool Company" debut). It was then that the duo realized there was something serious occurring in their writing process that they should pursue together.

They would release their self­titled debut in May of 2013, featuring their first single "Do It Now" and other notable songs "Dive In" and "Oh No". The debut release shines a light on the early days of the duos dynamic writing and features themes from Neo soul and R&B to straight pop providing a taste for the future of Cool Company.

After the debut release, Cool Company would spend the next year and a half honing their writing and producing skills together, stockpiling a catalogue of songs. It was in that window of time that they wrote what would become their biggest and most successful song to date, the pop/electro single "Call You Back".

Released in November 2014, "Call You Back" put on display the duo's mainstream and commercial writing/producing sensibility and would ultimately land the duo an indie publishing deal for the song in Italy & Switzerland via CDF Records. The single release was accompanied by an "in house" official remix by Cool Company's own, producer Fat Matt, which demonstrated his ability to enter the electronic music arena in addition to his bread and butter of Pop/R&B/Hip­Hop.

2015 saw the release of their most recent project, the feel­good "Summer Daze EP", lead by the chill single "Simple Things" and released in full at the top of September 2015.

The "Summer Daze EP" would be a further testament to the dynamic writing and producing style of the duo, taking a slight step away from the pop tones of their single "Call You Back", providing fans with another side of Cool Company.

In early 2016, producer Fat Matt remixed the song "Howling" off 2015's Summer Daze EP, in what would be the duos second official "in house" remix.

Continuing to stockpile new music, 2016 will see new singles and a full length project from Cool Company, and fans of both "Call You Back" and their feel­good "Summer Daze EP" will not be disappointed. 


Vocals / Yannick Hughes (aka Cool Yan)
Production / Matt Fishman (aka FatMatt)